Welcome to audax, the secure, discreet car storage experts.

If you’re looking for car storage in Gerrards Cross or wider Buckinghamshire, get in touch with audax, one of the UK’s most secure & professional car storage experts.

We can provide short and long term solutions for storing your vehicle, and work with you to find the right arrangement whether you require a short stay, or longer 6 or 12-month rolling contract.

We have lots of experience in both transporting and storing cars of all types, from supercars to classic cars, with clients having the trust and confidence in us to do a professional job time and again.

Once your vehicle has arrived at our car storage location near Gerrards Cross it will go through our arrival procedure. This includes:


    Photographs and record of condition of bodywork, wheels, tyres and interior


    Clean and wash, inside and out, and allowed to air dry


    Fluid level check and battery condition check


    Tyre pressure check, and increase to prevent flat spotting

Once your car is dry and has completed our arrival process, we will secure the car in an individual bay, applying a CTEK battery conditioner, car cover and placing a drip tray under the vehicle.

Your vehicle will then be maintained at 55% RH and monitored around the clock by our security surveillance system, and after discussion with you, a time table will be decided upon for:

  • Every 7 days drip trays and battery status are inspected

  • Fluid and tyre pressure checks

  • Engine start up and vehicle run up to temperature

  • Lubricants, seals and hoses (on request)

  • MOT

  • Service

Once your vehicle has finished its stay with us, or is heading out for a weekend road trip. We will first parade the vehicle before handover to ensure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

We check:

  • Fluid levels
  • Battery status
  • Screen wash and wipers
  • Tyre pressures
  • Lights and horn
  • Clock set
  • MOT & Road Tax are in date
  • Pre handover quality check